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Join us on our mission to provide access to quality education in Sierra Leone

What is Nations Cry

Nations Cry is a humanitarian organization focused on improving education in the developing world. Building schools, improving curriculum and training teachers are just a few of the ways that Nations Cry is helping to build a better future for children in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Our goal is to create a legacy for future generations by empowering those in need through long-term, sustainable solutions.


Our Current Efforts

The construction of Pathway Academy in Waterloo, Sierra Leone was completed in early 2014. Hiring administration, teaching staff, registering students,  and purchasing supplies are our next steps prior to the Junior Secondary School opening in September 2015.

A Message From Our President

“Like many others, I have grown up with a sense of responsibility to help those who are less fortunate. Early in my career I set out to find a charitable organization whose cause I believed in.”

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Our Financial Promise

100% of every dollar donated is used for humanitarian projects.

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Long-Term Sustainable Solutions

Be a part of international development initiatives that have lasting impact.

Our Work

Leave A Legacy

What kind of legacy are you leaving behind?

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Sierra Leone

Pathway Academy

Nations Cry purchased a 10 acre property in Waterloo and has completed the construction of a six classroom Junior Secondary School that will provide subsidized education to hundreds of children in the community.

Our Next Steps

A formal application will be submitted to the Sierra Leone School Board to register the Junior Secondary School and the process of hiring a principal and teaching staff as well as acquiring all of the necessary books and supplies is underway. Working with and supporting the community around the school is very important to us, so we have been sourcing local tailors to make the uniforms.

Support the  Canadian Red Cross   in their fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone.

100% of the funds donated to The Storehouse will be spent on direct humanitarian related activities.
0% of the donations will be spent on administrative expenses, meaning no salary will be paid to any individual working for Nations Cry in North America.
Nations Cry will spend money when and where it is needed most without exception.

Donate Securities

At the request of the donor, donations can be used within the year or can be placed aside as part of The Storehouse endowment fund where the annual investment proceeds will go to the cause specified by you.

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The Storehouse

The Storehouse is the primary endowment fund and the source of project funding. When a donation is made to the Storehouse the funds are invested and the investment proceeds are used for Nations Cry projects. The initial funds are never spent allowing you to leave a legacy that will continue indefinitely. Every new donation is tracked to the individual / organization making the contribution. The total funds provided are tracked by a unique donor ID number. As a result, you or your organization have their own “Legacy Fund”, the contents of which will never cease making the world a better place.

Start a Legacy Fund

The minimum donation required for establishing a Legacy Fund is $1,000 with no minimum for subsequent donations. Each Legacy Fund will be named after an individual (e.g. the person creating it, in memory of someone). In order to create or Donate to a Legacy Fund, you will need to provide the following information with your donation:

  • Provide a signed statement that you request Nations Cry to hold the funds for “a minimum of 10 years” (thus allowing Nations Cry to hold the principal indefinitely);
  • State that the donation is for a Legacy Fund;
  • Provide the name of your Legacy Fund; and
  • For new Legacy Funds, please state the cause that you would like the Legacy Funds to be dedicated to.

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“Charity is injurious unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it.”

— John D. Rockefeller